ALL IN BASEBALL ACADEMY was built with the passion and intention of providing high level baseball related instruction to players that are serious about their game. Our focus is all encompassing as today’s players need to be bigger, stronger and faster. In today’s world, which is highly competitive, players need to be trained in all aspects of the game. Those areas include; proper mechanics, core strength, functional physical strength, flexibility, nutrition, stability and the ability to compete through laser sharp focus and enhanced eye development.

When you look at elite players, you will see that they have three things in common. The first trait is that they all have an insane amount of God given talent. Some know how to use it at an early age and some mature later, but, they all have it. Talent alone will only take you so far and that is where the second trait comes into effect, which is, the ability and drive to work harder than anyone else. There are no excuses when it comes to your training regimen. You must be passionate about you and what you want to accomplish. You must set both short term and long term goals and crush it. Without those goals, you have nothing to shoot for and you should probably find something else to do with your time. If you have no intention of be a star in high school or playing in college then don’t waste anyone’s time and money. Your parents should not be the ones pushing you. You should take on that responsibility and get the work done. Don’t try to fool anyone about what you want because you will be found out real quick when someone asks about your workout routine. Don’t play the game because your parents want you to. It is your life and you have to want this more than anything. The last aspect, but probably the most important, is knowing how to compete. Sounds simple to most but very far from it. Being able to compete means to be free and clear in your mind from pitch to pitch. It is having the ability to clear yourself of any pressure, any negative thoughts, anything that is troubling you at that particular time. If you take a look at Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, you can see the difference in what I am talking about. Both are around the same age, both have been blessed with incredible talent and both work their butts off. The difference in the two at this point in time is that Mike Trout knows how to compete better than Bryce. Mike can clear his mind from pitch to pitch and he has become more consistent than Bryce. Bryce is a lot more emotional than Mike and he carries his bad at bats into the next one and onto the field with him. Mike has the ability to tune out the noise (the negatives) and compete on the next pitch. That is competing!

ALL IN BASEBALL ACADEMY is a professional training organization where each player gets specialized, one on one attention from Coach Scott. We only take in 30 players per year and provide those students with an all-around baseball experience that is second to none. We cover every aspect of the game and set goals and plans for our students. We start with a baseline test and then build the player from there. Our passion is to help your son make a real difference in his game, the way he plays it and the way he thinks about it. We build confidence levels and we develop his skillset over time. The worst mistake you can make is to think that greatness happens overnight. Look at the pro players and how hard they work to stay where they are at. These great players don’t stop learning and training until their days are over. How can you possibly think that your son is good enough now? Please don’t ask me if I offer a package of a couple of lessons to get your son on track. That is a big red flag. That is telling me that you believe your son is so good that he is prepared to enter the major league draft right now. We all want to believe our son is the best and doesn’t need any help. I get it guys, but I am also smart enough and been there to know that this is the furthest thing from the truth. It is called being realistic and honest with yourself.

After five years of running a successful NJ EXPLOSION travel team program, it became apparent that more needs to be done. More in the way of freeing up my time so that I can effectively train the kids that are serious about making a real difference in their game. My biggest strong point is working with players on a one on one basis. It is also my absolute passion The knowledge and experience I have accumulated over my 56 years as well as my ability to relate to players is second to none. I can guarantee that your son will get much better if he listens and works hard on his own. I teach professional level mechanics and work and challenge my students to achieve success. Unlike the other big academies out there, I am the owner so I am not going anywhere and I am the one teaching your son. If you take a look at our testimonial page, you will see what others have to say about the quality of our training. The longer your son is with us, the better he will get.
The world of amateur travel baseball has become so watered down in the past five years that from my point of view, the kids are the ones that are suffering. There must be 10 to 15 travel teams per town these days and the talent levels are sub-par. When travel ball was created, it was with the intention of providing the highest level players an outlet to play additional games in front of scouts and recruiters. It gave the decision makers a place to go to see their potential candidate to perform against like talent and also provided these same recruiters and scouts the opportunity to see kids they haven’t seen before. That got destroyed when a lot of fathers out there that had a son that didn’t make a team or thought he could do it better, started his own team and called it travel ball. They come up with names like Elite or Prospects or Showcase team and that is very misleading. The other reason this has occurred is because families either didn’t want to pay for their son to play for a particular organization or they couldn’t afford it. Good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good! The downward spiral commenced and now we have unrealistic parents  believing that their son is going to play D1 ball because he plays on a travel team. This thought process is so off base and worrisome. I have helped kids get to the professional level and to play in college but those are kids that worked with me over a long period of time and worked extremely hard. They got it because they wanted it and were trained the right way. Not only did we work on mechanics but also their strength, core stability, flexibility, speed and agility, nutrition and their baseball IQ. There are some amazing success stories, but for the most part, kids don’t make it for various reasons and you really need to go back to my commentary about the three common traits of elite players. I believe in providing your children with every opportunity in an attempt to help them realize their true potential. But, we also have to be realistic and not get caught up in the hysteria. At worst, your son will learn so much more about life than a kid that has not played sports at any level. The higher the level your son plays at, the more he learns about life. He understands that he has to take responsibility for his own life, accountability for his actions, the importance of outworking your competition, how to work within a team environment, how to learn from failure and how to be humble with successes. He will be able to think on his feet, know how to dedicate himself to a commitment and know how to lead others. Can you put a price on that?

If you are serious about making serious change in your son’s performance, then you need to go ALL IN. For our training packages, please go to the “PACKAGES” link or click here.


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