Shout Out's

Congratulations to Andrew Zottar for his acceptance to TCS post graduate school. Andrew is taking a gap year because of his young age graduating high school. TCS in Texas is rated the best post graduate school for gap year students. Andrew will get college credits for the year while attending the school geared towards further developing Andrew’s baseball skills. The school plays a very aggressive schedule in the fall and spring with a large majority of those students going on to play D1 ball down south. Andrew was recruited by the school and is extremely excited by the opportunity. Andrew has what it takes to endure the grinding schedule and full days of working hard on the field and in the gym. We can’t wait to see where he lands after this year. Andrew has been ALL IN since he was 11 years old and has been one of our very best students with a high level of motivation and strong desire to succeed. Andrew comes from a fantastic family whom I got to know very well over the years and I am happy for them as well. Keep going young man. You earned it!

Two ALL IN BASEBALL ACADEMY students threw complete game NO HITTERS for their respective high school teams this weekend. One also hit a grand slam home run (360 feet) to help his cause. We congratulate Colin S. and Will P. for their outstanding efforts. Both students have trained exclusively with ALL IN for over 5 years now. This shows what dedication and hard work can do for you. We are so proud of the both of you!


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