College Recruiting

So what now? You believe your son is good enough to take it to the next level. He is totally passionate about playing baseball and wants to play in college; maybe beyond. How do I go about finding out what needs to be done? When do I start the process? What are the next steps? Where do I go for help?

Think no further! We have experience in the recruiting process and know how to guide you. This is a very difficult time and we all need someone to assist with this cumbersome task. Coach Scott has first-hand knowledge of the entire process as he guided his own son and gained a tremendous amount of experience in doing so. We have also participated in numerous seminars and showcases and learned what works and what doesn't. We have helped direct many students in their quest to obtain a college scholarship.

Preparation is the key and it is extremely important to start identifying colleges you may be interested in as early as possible. Should I only think about D1 schools? Should I take the SAT's only once? Should I look in state or out of state? Should I visit as many schools as possible? How do I get noticed? What do schools look for? What is an NCAA number? What will make me stand out?

Has anyone told you that someone they know got a full baseball scholarship to a D1 school? Do you know that NO ONE receives a 100% fully paid scholarship for college baseball! It doesn't happen. It is not like football in any way. High School football players are heavily recruited and the schools have large budgets because they make money on the football team and can give 100% scholarships. Not true for baseball though. Funds are very limited, but the schools can provide a combined scholarship with other grant monies they have to lessen the burden of paying for college.

You also have to remember there are different levels of baseball players! You have the "Elite" players that everyone wants and then you have "A", "B" and "C" level players. You have to be critical and be perfectly honest with yourself as to what level your son is at. How do you know the answer? The schools will be honest with you and you have to be just as honest with them. They will let you know what they are looking for in a student/athlete. Where are you playing and whom have you played against? If you are just playing at the local high school level and not traveling to play the best talent in the country, how will you know where you stand?

The last set of questions I ask are, what are you willing to put into it? How badly do you want it? Do you have the "passion" to continue playing baseball and at what level?

As you can see, there is a lot to ponder. Please know that we are here to lessen that burden on you. We are "ALL IN", are you?


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