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So many aspiring baseball players never live up to their true potential because they don’t seek out the proper channels to get trained that way. They either don’t know where to look or they just leave it to fate. Baseball is the hardest sport to play and excel at and the vast majority of players think they can do it on their own. In reality, all of the elite players have been trained over a very long period of time and take that training very, very seriously. If you only knew how hard the guys in the MLB train, you would be amazed. These are the players that you marvel at, and they made it, but their training regimen is second to none. Why? Because they want to stay there and not lose their spot to the thousands of guys behind them. Being an athlete is about constantly striving to be the very best. When that stops, your career ends.

Baseball training is not just about being mechanically sound. It is about getting every ounce of talent, energy, and positive mental focus out of you. It is about having superior brain/hand/eye coordination. It is about having incredible physical strength, superior flexibility, and the confidence to know how to compete on every pitch. Your work ethic must be rock solid and your passion over the moon. Being lazy and comfortable will not cut it. The only thing that gets you is future regrets and excuses.

Reading an instructional book or taking a few mechanical lessons is for dreamers. Can you read a book and become the best airline pilot, doctor, or lawyer? Being that good must become a lifestyle. It has got to be something that lives deep inside of you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 8 or 18 years old. Actually, the younger you start, the better and bigger the upside. Will you fail? Absolutely 100% over and over until it becomes habit. Baseball is a game of failure to begin with. If you quit every time you fail, you won’t be around very long. The trick is to use the failure as motivation. To keep pushing and working until the problem areas are resolved. You also must learn how to control the adrenaline rush that is constant every time you step on the field. The mental aspect is the hardest part to overcome but it can be when you are prepared. Every elite athlete has failed. Some more than others. But they became elite when they conquered their fears and established a confidence level that they earned through their dedication to their goals. They didn’t let anything get in their way. Just research Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordans journey to greatness.

ALL IN BASEBALL ACADEMY, LLC is driven to help you realize your goals and dreams by training you like a professional is trained. You are constantly being challenged and pushed to new heights. Coach Scott has been training students for over 40 years with incredible success and his passion is your progress and development. There are no cutting corners, and I don’t tell you what you want to hear. I tell you the truth; where you need the most work and how to do it. And I am with you all the way. There are no other instructors. You hear one voice so that repetition is simplified. You are trained in all aspects of being the best baseball player/athlete possible, including overall baseball mechanics, strength training, speed and agility, hand/eye coordination, nutrition, and baseball IQ.

You don’t need to be great to get started. That will come over time. All you need is a strong desire, dedication to training hard, discipline, and a passion for results. Commit to your future before it becomes too late. If you are between the ages of 7 and 14 and want to learn more, please email us HERE

You have absolutely nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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Coach Scott

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