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David K

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Scott and Tyler I know that you have heard this from us before, but in light of William being asked to play ball at Centenary University and accepting the opportunity Ronni and I felt that one more thanks was necessary. You know my story, a father whose 7 year old son (at the time) was not a natural ball player (as a matter of fact some might say he was not good at all) decided that if his son was going to have any chance to like the game I would need to Coach him because I did not feel other parents would give him the time he needed. So I decided to Coach him in little league, which led to him liking the game but not loving it yet. He got a bit better and decided he liked catching which Ronni and I thought was great because it would keep him focused on the game as he sometimes lost focus (as you know). Catching worked out great but at some point he decided he wanted to try pitching. By this time he was getting a bit better and I decided to really get involved by Coaching a travel team for MLL. He thrived a bit more but as he got older I realized that I could not provide him what he needed to excel in a game that he now LOVED!!! By this time he was around 12 years old, my coaching him was causing he and I to fight and also differences between Ronni and I. In an effort to keep him from leaving a game he loved we decided that it was time for me to "retire" from coaching and find an organization that had his best interests at heart, not someone who just wanted our money. We sifted and sorted through the many teams and listened to a lot of BS. Then we tried out for the NJ Explosion you were honest, up front and fair in your assessment of William, bottom line was he needed work but you were willing to take a chance with him. That fact, and the fact that a tryout each year was not necessary (I think your exact words were once on the Explosion always on the Explosion) however you did explain that he would have to work and work hard each year or his role on the team would change is what sold us on you and your program. So we went All In!!! If I were to say the road was easy I would not be telling the truth but each year with Williams hard work and your and Tylers motivation he got better and better. Did he listen always no (and he still doesnt) but you both did not give up. You explained things to him, spoke to him caringly and at time raised your voice to him when in fact he needed it!!! Could we have left the Explosion and gone elsewhere, yes, but the fact that he was advancing each year was more important to us than anything else and that he surely was!! As you know we did not allow him to tryout for HS ball his freshman year because he was struggling in his adjustment to HS. That being said when he tried out as a Sophomore and was an underdog to get on the team he still made it!!! That we feel is certainly in part because of both of your efforts. Now today we sit here as parents of a soon to be college baseball player and cant help to think that we would not be here if we didnt stick with the NJ Explosion. We are so grateful for what you both did for William, how you motivated him to work hard, play hard and how to be the best that he can be. His hard work and your efforts have taken a little boy who was afraid of a baseball and made him into a College pitcher. Many many thanks for a job well done. We look forward to keeping in touch and filling you in on his High School and College accomplishments (on and off the field) With our sincerest thanks Your Friends Dave and Ronni


Monday, June 13, 2016


Scott Just wanted to thank you again for the time/effort and patience you show to William. I have said this before but I will say it again, having William play for the Explosion was for sure the best choice we could have made. The effort you and Tyler put into helping William be all he can be goes beyond anything we could have expected. The way you spoke to him today meant more to us than I can explain. If he can be as successful in baseball, as the effort you put in to motivate him he will surely go far. We only hope he takes your advice. Thanks again for everything you both do. Dave


Sunday, April 24, 2016


Scott- Just wanted to pass a note on to say how much Liam loves playing for you and the team. John and I are discussing the contract so we can continue there but Liam came home today all excited and always gets excited for the next game too. You have a great coaching way that really works for him so thank you for your efforts!


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